Professional Headshots

Natural light headshots for founders, professionals, and creatives 

Looking for professional, natural headshots that express who you really are? I believe showing up as our full selves at work is key to our own personal fulfillment and also vital for companies to thrive. 


In a virtual world, your photo speaks volumes. It's often your first impression, so you might as well make it one they remember!  


Say goodbye to boring and stiff-looking professional photos. Your headshots can still have life in them while expressing your personal brand and what you bring to the table! 

As an entrepreneur and speaker myself, I know how important it is to have headshots that you both love and feel confident in. 


 Your headshot session is tailored to the look you are going for. Let's update those Linkedin profiles, websites, and speaker bios with some vibrant and authentic natural headshots.


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