What is personal branding photography?

TODAY, everything related to growing your brand and your business-- including having new clients find you, establishing your trust and credibility, and marketing, all happen online! 


People want to know WHO you are and WHAT you're all about before they book you. That means if you're a speaker, a coach, consultant, or a business leader that you must step in front of the camera. People want to SEE YOU and KNOW YOU. Not only do you need to have your story and messaging down pat, but you also need stunning visuals to go alongside your story!


Your website, social media, and marketing materials ALL need beautiful professional photos to tell that story.


For your brand to really stand out amongst the sea of social media profiles and services, you must rise above the crowd. One of the fastest and most effective ways to do that is through personal branding photography. Personal branding photography is all about capturing professional photos of you doing your thing - in your element. 


It's more than just headshots, it's images specifically tailored to tell your story and bring your brand to life in a visually compelling way.


Think of it as visual storytelling! 


How does it work? We start first with strategy---understanding your brand, and the story you want to tell. Then we plan your shoot -- what props you want to use, what behind-the-scenes elements of your business do you want to show, and your favorite places to work. Personal branding photography tells the story of you and your business in a visually compelling way. It's an investment that will serve you for years to come and help you reach your business goals faster! 





So who is it for?

  • Speakers 

  • Coaches

  • Consultants

  • Authors

  • Business Leaders

  • Founders and Entrepreneurs

Who are looking to step up (or create) their online presence, build their credibility, and find their dream clients. Let's help you get booked to speak at those high-level events, close the deals with partners who will take your business to the next level, and help you be recognized as a thought leader and expert in your field.  


Are you a speaker or entrepreneur that has been speaking at global conferences, you have the resume already, but just haven't taken the time to make your online image reflect your work in real life? Have you been doing impactful coaching or consultancy work and are now looking to expand your business and increase your impact by reaching more people? 




You are already amazing and the world should know it too! You're ready to have your brand reflect your skill, passion, and genius zone, but just need a little help getting there...





Sound like you?

Let's get started on making you look AMAZING!

Say goodbye to boring cell phone photos...

And hello to STUNNING images

Your story,

in authentic imagery.

Personal Branding Photo Package

Your story in photos

Do a shoot to capture you and your essence! Get photos to use on your website and social media. Content for every 2 or 3 months. 

Personal Branding Packages 

What Services do you offer?

  • Branding Workshop

  • Personal Branding Photography Session

  • Content Creation for social media

  • Website creation

Packages just for you!

Personal Branding Photography Package

For those that already have established social media platforms and a website, and are just looking to take their branding to the next level. Do a session to revive your online look. Get photos you can use for content for the next 1 or 3 months.


If you love your experience as much as I think you will, you can become a member! With an annual subscription, you will have a photoshoot with Iman every quarter, so that you have fresh images to update your sites.   


What it includes:​

  • Branding Questionnaire to get to know you and your brand 

  • Includes a fully customized experience, with locations tailored to tell your story

  • 3-hour session

  • 2 -4 locations

  • 3-6 outfit changes 

  • MUA on the day of the shoot

  • Personalized Style Guide on what to wear 

  • 90 edited digital images to last you for 3 months 

  • Personalized gallery, with the right to use images online and on social media 


Ad-On Services
Pitch Coaching
Ad-On Services 
Brand Workshop

Looking for something more?

Where can I use my images?

  • Use the photos on your website (About Me, Lead Magnets, Contact Me, Booking, etc)  

  • On social media (profile picture, cover photos, posts) 

  • In your email newsletters 

  • In your email signature

  • Bios for events you speak at

  • In your pitch presentations and decks 

  • For Press Releases or News coverage 

  • On sales and landing pages 

  • In marketing materials or on business cards

  • Business thank you cards 

Let's capture beautiful memories together!  

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